Book "Exploring Mayan EDMS" now available

Whether you are new to Mayan EDMS or are an experienced user, this book will prove to be a valuable addition.

Written by Mayan EDMS creator Roberto Rosario.

The book provides an introduction to concepts, exercises, and reference material. It can be used for self-study or as a training tool.

Get it now for just $9.99!


Besides being a well-written work, it validates the project itself. When you can write a 300+ pages book about something you created, it means you’ve reached an important and noteworthy milestone in its development.

That you and I can get this book and be a part of that milestone for the price of a coffee, well that’s just the cherry on the top

User PaulJones » Mon Sep 09, 2019

Overall this book is a worthwhile investment for two reasons:

  1. it does cover some of the finer points of Mayan-EDMS and it’s principles and methods of working, and it will assist you in anything from the basic deployment to complex multi-box deployments for larger installations.
  1. it supports the creation of this amazing software… I mean… it is $4, and this EDMS is amazing… there is no doubt about it… this has got to be the best document management system I have looked at for versatility and functionality… just amazing, and it deserves support.

Go buy the document now! …. even if you don’t read it all… go buy it!

User KevinPawsey » Thu Sep 26, 2019